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Carl's Corner

Carl's Corner is a series of essays by Carl Williams, a former Clerk of the Plainfield Meeting. and currently Clerk of Ministry & Counsel. In July, 2000, Carl accepted a temporary position in Philadelphia to work with the Friends World Committee for Consultation, Section of the Americas. These essays started out as a way to keep in touch with the Plainfield Meeting and now that Carl has returned to Vermont, continue to be a periodic feature in The Plainfield Friend, the Meeting's monthly newsletter.

Dec. 2002 - Exploring Worship
Nov. 2002 - Rekindle Christianity
October, 2002 - Symbols
August 2002 - Micha's Mandate
March 2002 - Endless Creators
Feb. 2002 - God is Afoot
Feb. 2002 - Faces of God
Nov. 2001 - Blessings
Oct. 2001 - The Myth of Peak Foliage
Sept. 2001 - Riptide
July 2001 - Have a good story?
June 2001 - Cacophony
Apr. 2001 - Celtic Saints and Quaker Paradigm
Feb. 2001 - . . . of Greeks and gifts
Jan. 2001 - Hearing and Listening
Dec. 2000 - Warp
Nov. 2000 - Orchard Work
Oct. 2000 - Contrariety?
Sept. 2000 - City Mice and Running Shoes
Aug. 2000 - FWCC Triennial
July 2000 - Responding to Diversity Among Friends
June 2000 - Some Thoughts on Clerking