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Plainfield Friends Meeting

203 Martin Meadow Road
(PO Box 215)
Plainfield, VT 05667

Meeting for Worship - Sunday - 10:30 AM

Meeting for Worship to Consider Business
3rd Sunday at Rise of Meeting

Special Programs -- 1st and 3rd Sundays - 9:30AM

Pot-Luck (fellowship) - 2nd Sunday at Rise of Meeting

First-Day School - 10:45 AM

Plainfield Meeting

Map of Meeting Location

A Newcomer's Guide to the Plainfield Friends Meeting

The Plainfield Friend --- monthly newsletter

CARL'S CORNER - Essays from the pages of The Plainfield Friend


Northwest Quarter --- Meeting Listing & Map
New England Yearly Meeting
Friends General Conference
Friends United Meeting

Quaker Practice

Being a Quaker
An Introduction to Quaker Beliefs
The Quaker Business Meeting
A Friends Memorial Service

Current Concerns

Minute on Preemptive Attack on Iraq
Thoughts About Registering for the Draft
The Earth Charter
The Death Penalty

Books & History

A History of Early Friends in East Montpelier - by Margery Walker

An excellent collection of Quaker historical writings

A Short Fractured History of Friends in America

Friends Journal

George Fox - Journal

Related Quaker Activities & Interests

A very complete list of Quaker Links
Friends Historical Library at Swarthmore College
Vermont Page -- American Friends Service Committee
National Page -- American Friends Service Committee
Friends Committee on National Legislation
Friends Committee on Unity With Nature
Friends Camp, South China Maine
Religious Organizations Against The Death Penalty
National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund"
Alternatives to Violence Project
Pendle Hill
Powell House
Links to Restorative Justice sites
Beacon Hill Friends House
Friends Journal

Community Links

Plainfield and Surroundings

Plainfield History
Twinfield Union School
Goddard College
Radio Station WGDR -- Community Radio at Goddard College
The Institute for Social Ecology
State of Vermont

Alternative News Sites

Alternative doesn't necessarily mean "true", but it does mean different --
sometimes far ahead of the mainstream.


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