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Memorial Service

The Religious Society of Friends holds, as the basis of its faith, the belief that God endows every human being with a measure of the divine Spirit.

Our manner of worship is an outgrowth of this belief. We gather in quiet assemblies, mindful of the words: "Be still, and know that I am God."

A Friends memorial service is similar in many ways to a Meeting for Worship. We come together in reverent silence, with the desire to draw nearer to God, and to understand God's will. It is a time not only for a sharing of loss, but also a time of thankfulness for the life of the person for whom the memorial service is held. We reflect on the value of that life as it relates to the lives of all of us.

All present share equally in this service. We sit quietly; at times an individual may be moved to speak, to offer prayer or a message that has come out of the silence. All are welcome to do this. The meeting is closed with handshakes.

The responsibility for the spiritual depth of the meeting rests with each attender; those who keep silence as well as those who give a vocal message do their part when they yield their minds and hearts to the guidance of the Spirit.

Friends hope that in the Meeting for Worship a consciousness of the Divine Presence will come to every attender, to be a source of direction and of strength after leaving the meeting.