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Minute on Preemptive Attack on Iraq
Plainfield Friends Meeting
10th Month 20, 2002

President George W. Bush has received authorization from the United States Congress for a unilateral preemptive military attack on Iraq, with the object of overthrowing the government of that country. We look upon this action with profound sorrow and dismay. Such a war would not only be in violation of our obligations under the Charter of the United Nations but also would set an extremely dangerous precedent empowering any nation to unilaterally wage war.

We feel such an attack would have disastrous consequences on the welfare and lives of fellow human beings, both military and civilians, as well as diminishing our national security and our own civil liberties. There would be severe repercussions extending beyond the borders of Iraq to the entire region and even the world. Its cost in resources, that might otherwise be put to use for peaceful purposes, would be immense.

We utterly reject the principle of preemptive war and the President's proposal to apply it in Iraq. We members and attenders of Plainfield Friends Meeting appeal to President Bush to refrain from attacking Iraq and we further appeal to the members of the United States Congress to do all in their power to seek peaceful and collaborative ways of solving conflict under the framework of the United Nations.

We wish to commend the courage of those who, through their churches, communities and political offices, continue to stand in opposition to aggression.

Approved 10th Month 20, 2002
Plainfield Vermont Friends Meeting (Quaker)