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Restorative and Community Justice Websites

AIC Restorative Justice in Australia

Atlantic Community Justice Project

Bennington Community Justice Center

Burlington Community Justice Center

Center for Court Information

Calgary Community Conferencing

Center for Restorative Justice and Peacemaking

Center for Restorative Justice Suffolk University

Central City Neighborhoods Partnership

Centre For Restorative Justice, Australian National University

Chilliwack Restorative Justice & Youth Diversion Association

Church Council on Justice and Corrections

Community Justice Exchange

Conflict Research Consortium

CumberIand Community Alternatives Society

Friends Committee on Restorative Justice

International Forgiveness Institute

International Institute for Restorative Practices

International Victimology Website

Island Community Justice Society

Justice Fellowship

Kaslo Restorative Justice Committee

The Mediation Information and Resource Center

Minnesota Department of Corrections: Restorative Justice

National Criminal Justice Reference Service

National Organization for Victim Assistance

Prison Fellowship International


Restorative Justice Center-South Africa

Restorative Justice Ireland Network

Restorative Justice Knowledge Base

Restorative Justice On-line Notebook (National Institute of Justice)

The Restorative Justice Project of the Frank J. Remington Center

Restorative Justice Project- Fresno Pacific University

Restorative Justice Unit New South Wales Dept. of Corrective Services

Solon's Voyage: Dispute Resolution

Transformative Justice Australia

Vermont Department of Corrections Community and Restorative Justice

Victim Offender Mediation Association

VORP Information and Resource Center