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  1. We've never done it before.
  2. We've been doing it this way for 25 years.
  3. Others arenít doing it.
  4. It has never been tried before.
  5. We tried it before.
  6. [Meeting/person] tried it before.
  7. It won't work in a large/small meeting
  8. It won't work in our meeting.
  9. We donít do that!
  10. Why change - it works this way.
  11. [Name] will never approve it.
  12. It's too much trouble to change.
  13. Our meeting is different.
  14. [Name] says it can't be done.
  15. [Committee] said it can't be done.
  16. The Yearly Meeting says it can't be done.
  17. It can't be done.
  18. They won't like it.
  19. We don't have the money.
  20. We don't have enough people.
  21. We have too many people.
  22. We don't have the equipment.
  23. We should consider it again next month.
  24. It's too radical a change.
  25. We donít know how to do it.
  26. No one has the time.
  27. We live too far apart.
  28. Weíre not good at that sort of thing.
  29. Younger Friends wonít like it.
  30. Friends with children wonít like it.
  31. New attenders won't like it.
  32. Older Friends wonít like it.
  33. Some Friends wonít like it.
  34. [Dead Friend] would spin in her/his grave.
  35. Thatís not what [dead/missing Friend] would want done.
  36. It's not in our bylaws.
  37. It would cost too much.
  38. It's not Quaker process.
  39. You're right, but...
  40. We're not ready for it.
  41. It needs more thought/prayer.
  42. They won't approve it.
  43. We'd lose too much money on it.
  44. It takes too long.
  45. Youíll never get enough people to do it.
  46. Itíll just fizzle out if you try to do it.
  47. [Committee] should consider it.
  48. We should hold it in the Light/sleep on it.
  49. It won't work in this meeting.
  50. It's impossible.