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a four-part series written by

Curt Regen

These writings were presented by Curt Regen at the Adult Forum of the First-day School of the Rahway and Plainfield Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, Plainfield, New Jersey, during April and May, 1970. In connection with the efforts surrounding a recent successful application for a NJ Historical Trust Grant to restore portions of the Meeting House exterior, a number of historical documents surfaced. he meeting recently authorized a committee to assemble and preserve this material, and the reprinting of this document is one result of that effort.

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Curt Regen

"Let us visit the brethren and see how they are"
Curt Regen was born in Vienna, and after working in England for a number of years, came to the US on a "temporary" job assignment. He remained and eventually settled in North Plainfield with his beloved wife, Rosalie. Curt was a mover and a doer - was courteous, yet bluntly came quickly to the point of any matter under discussion. He was a long time member of the Rahway & Plainfield Monthly Meeting, serving as Clerk for many years as well as on the Ministry & Council and Religious Education commitees and filling many other posts for the Monthly Meeting as well as the NY Yearly Meeting. The writings which follow are but a sample of the richness he brought to the Meeting and Friends and friends everywhere.


Part 1 - A Man in Leather Breeches

Part 2 - Friends for Three Hundred Years

Part 3 - Quakers in the World

Part 4 - The Meetings for Worship and Business

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